Play Wrestle Jump Game

Wrestle Jump is a pretty simple yet addicting concept. It involves two Mexican wrestlers that are small in size. You have to control one of the wrestlers and use the keys to wrestling with the other one. The key needs to be repeatedly pressed to win. The first wrestler to hit the head of the other wrestler on the ground wins the game. This is how simple the game is, and it does not need any tutorial to play. The game can be played by people of all ages since it is quite addictive and there is no violence in the game. This makes sure that the game can be played by kids too.


Wrestle Jump - Game Review

There are many online games available on the internet that you can use to kill boredom and have a good time instead. In our hectic routines of life, we deserve some entertainment, how little it may be, online games are the best remedy for the cause. Millions of online games are available nowadays, but not all of them are equally addicting as Wrestle Jump. The game is produced and developed by Miniclip games which are a huge name in the gaming industry.

Miniclip has released thousands of online games for their fans that are all free to play. There is no download needed and no setup for installation. You don't even have to sign up on the site to play the games. Additional features, however, are unlocked when you log in on their site, but you can still enjoy the game without signing in.

Game Features

The game offers many customization offers to the users. You can change the graphics of the game. You can also set the volume level of the background music and the sound effects that the game incorporates. Moreover, the game also gives a feature of endless time battle in which you have to beat the opponent without worrying about the time of the battle. The speed of the game can also be made faster so that you can battle in a tougher environment and with faster physics of the game. This makes the game much better and improves competition in the game.

Another great feature in the game is the effect of wind. You can either turn it on or off. If it is turned on, the game tells the users the direction and the speed of the wind before the battle so that they can incorporate all the physics and the inertial skills in their battle and use the wind to their advantage.

You get to play a total of 5 games to beat your opponent. The wrestle with most wins out of 5, wins the game. The game also shows a fancy name for the move that you beat your opponent with at the end of the match.

Game's interface is quite flawless and smooth. The colors are vibrant which keeps the user hooked on the game. You can play this game for hours and not notice the time; this is how addicting this game is. The game also features a multiplayer option in which 2 players compete against each other. You can change the controls as you like for both players. This feature makes the game even more interesting as now you can challenge your friends to a wrestling match and have fun together.


Miniclip has been releasing a lot of games that are addicting and can kill boredom quite effectively. If you are getting bored at your office and have got nothing else to do, you can play Wrestle Jump and have fun with your colleagues by challenging them to a wrestling match. You can also play the game while you are in the university or a school, waiting for the next lecture. Wrestle Jump is quite popular and has millions of users around the world. Countless people log in to their devices every day to play this game and share their high scores with their friends or challenge them to a match.

The best part about the game is that it's totally free of cost, and you don't even have to pay a single dime for it. There is no login required, and you can play for as long as you want. The game has no flashy advertisements or annoying banners that would redirect you to some annoying phishing website. Miniclip makes sure that the games they develop are all clean of all the annoying ads so that the users can get the best gaming experience that they expect from this company.

You can download Wrestle Jump on any device or smartphone you have. The game is available for free on the Apple app store, Android Play Store and is also available on Windows phone. Wrestle Jump is undoubtedly one of the best online games in the market.